vrijdag 17 december 2010

A Kiwi welcome


11 short hours from Japan was our next destination. We flew into Auckland at 5:30 in the morning, after no sleep in the plane and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for breakfast (it was dinnertime for us, ahem). After a brief customs search of our bags (Heather had leaves in books, most of which ended up in the trash but then we wouldn’t want to be the cause of some bio outbreak really... There are some limits to art), we were off! A shuttle bus dropped us at the door of our hostel, which had provided us with the door code so we could chill out in the common room (because backpackers are NOT up at 6:30.. Although some are at 7:30, we found out. Strange people). We ended up pulling an all-nighter, and then an all-dayer, with a walk up to the local main street for coffee (which was soooooo good- they know how to make coffee here), a trip to the supermarket (where we asserted we could READ THE PACKAGING! Quite a welcome advantage after a month of gambling on products...), and renting a camper. We also met an English guy who took us up to a volcano summit close-by, where we could see absolutely nothing due to the weather (although the view is supposed to be fantastic) and then a quick drive round the center of Auckland, which was quite quaint compared to the metropoles we were used to. Another viewing point at the harbor provided us with more nothingness- oh well, more to see when we go in tomorrow. We finally passed out at 9pm, and had a good lie in today. Thinking it was dry, we went back up to the volcano and got completely soaked as it started to piss down again halfway up... It’s just not meant to be. But we are not complaining- we’re wearing sandals and no jackets, so we are HAPPY!!!
We have until Monday here in Auckland and then we pick up our camper. It’ll be great to have our own mode of transport!

New Zealand so far is great. It’s relaxed, it’s pretty, it’s friendly- Daniel felt like he had come home as it reminds him so much of Australia. Heather thinks she’ll feel like it’s home after not too long. We’re good :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oi oi oi, hope youre having fun! :) Is it warm? :)

  2. oh yes it is, altough its raining non stop...

  3. Ha Lieverds,
    Het skype gesprek was gek maar toch leuk om jullie even te horen.Ik hoop dat de regen snel voorbij is.Veel plezier straks met de camper. x mama

  4. Rain is better than heaps and heaps of snow :) At least you're wearing your sandals! I swear to god, I haven't seen this much snow in a LONG time!

  5. hey medereisigers ;)
    jammer dat het weer slecht is....wel grappig te lezen dat jullie bij het beklimmen van een berg helemaal doorweekt zijn geraakt..ik heb op mijn blog net precies hetzelde geschreven!!!!
    ik ben jaloers dat jullie een camper gaan huren...is heerlijk om zelf te kunnen bepalen waar en wanneer je stopt. Ik dacht al dat het voor daniel thuiskomen zou zijn. geniet ervan.
    dikke kussen Sanne